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13th-Dec-2007 10:37 am - Second Life?
So I am sort of forced into joining Second Life, and wondering selfishly if I can capitalize on the learning curve by asking if snigglers might benefit by using SL as a community space.  Is there a way it could be feasible?
19th-Sep-2007 01:20 pm - customizing your own
i'm busy with beta-testing that new wordpress MU site somebody in fandom is setting up, which spurred this post over there, and i was bumped into thinking it might be useful here as well when selki asked about it on my LJ. for those of you who care about the pretty (or heck, just about functionality) for your own blog/LJ, which things matter to you for customization?
the list i made for that site is under the cutCollapse )

there are probably some more; i am not using my blog as intensively as some people use theirs. (frex i never use archives or calendar navigation so far because i've never kept a blog for any length of time.)

6th-Sep-2007 05:54 pm - communities -- usenet
what do you like about usenet?

(i'll try to make my list short.)

unmoderated groups galore for any subject under the sun, usually with knowledgeable people present. these days easily searchable and postable-to via google groups even for people who can't be bothered wrestling with a newsreader.

newsreaders. some of the very best ever software for reading high-traffic communities.
to drive the "what do you like about site X" data collection posts, i need to know which sites other than usenet and LJ y'all use. so, gimme. anyone on orkut / friendster / myspace / facebook / etc?

i might as well throw the blogging sites in here as well. anyone on blogger / wordpress.com / typepad / vox / etc?

ok, sure, why not collect all in one? how about email groups? yahoo / listservs / etc? do you use the web interface? digests? straight email?

are there any webfora you peruse regularly, not just when you're looking for a topic via google and an answer on a forum pops up?

is anyone using gmane (mail-to-news)? google groups for groups native to google, not usenet?

oh yes, and librarything. there are others like it, right? goodreads? is that going too far afield into very specific applications?
5th-Sep-2007 04:51 pm - communities -- LJ
what do you like about LJ?

i like the alt.fan.me.me.me aspect of it. on usenet i never felt free to just write about the oftentimes banal parts of my life, but i actually like reading about those when it comes to people i already know; that sort of stuff makes me feel involved in their daily lives even if we rarely (if ever) meet. i found out so much more about some people i knew from usenet.

i like the fine-grained access privileges too, even though i don't use them for my own LJ. it means people feel more comfortable saying some things they don't really want to spread out for the whole world to see -- or maybe just not for their most recent ex, or the parents to whom they're not out.
5th-Sep-2007 12:48 pm - your ideal interface
if you could have your dream interface to a community in which you see yourself participate regularly, what would it look like? let's leave the purely social aspects out for now, and just talk about the technical issues. which sorts of things are must-have's, which would be nice to have but you could live without, which are ueber-cool icing?

for example, i'm dying in all the blogs without threading. i must have threading. but if i were hanging out with lots of people who dislike it, who find it confusing, who prefer flat threads, i'd still want an option to turn it from flat to threaded view for myself. (which means it has to know about threading under the hood).
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